About us


We believe that the best measure of a company's qualities is the excellence of the work they deliver, therefore, all our operations, from management to on-site implementation, are motivated  by a client-focused attitude that helps our team members be the best they can be when crafting the client’s dreams.

We believe that 'good' is frequently the nemesis of ‘the best', that human dignity and the ancient law of sowing and reaping is the right way, that is to say, investments proliferate and yield multiple returns when carried out in accordance with the best conduct. We believe that perseverance and industriousness results in progress and shun from the illegal business practice, proudly declaring that our profit is not inflated at the cost of others.

We respect our clients, our staff members and subcontractors and feel that the strong principles we impose on ourselves, our professionalism, and humility, have elevated us to the highest standards, an objective that will secure our future as ‘the best’.

Yours sincerely.

Szilárd Szabó

Company Director


The main aim of our company and of our experts is to support our clients with our comprehensive, high quality services that ensure that their goals are achieved.

We closely track market demands and technological development and ensure the professional development of all our team members and staff, paying close attention to environmental protection and renewable energy issues.

We exclusively work with highly qualified professionals, thus ensuring the best quality for all our accomplishments.