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  • Complete road and pavement reconstruction in downtown Budapest (Fő utca)
  • Implementation of the parking lot of the new TESCO in Dunakeszi (road network with roundabout and landscaping)
  • M6 motorway construction phase

  • Road network and park landscaping, buttress wall system, sprinkler system for the Forrásliget residential area in the 3rd district, Liliomdomb, Budapest
  • Paving and heating system for the roads of the Hotel Intercontinental, 5th discrict, Budapest
  • Internal road network of the SOTE II. Clinic
  • Renovation of the main square of Vác (partially)


  • Conference room and VIP apartment for the Hunguest chain Hotel Grand Galya (water installation and pipeline system, heating installation, air conditioning technology with heat recirculation, liquid cooling system)
  • Complete building engineering of all ERSTE branches (water and sewage systems, heating, air conditioning)
  • Rainwater outlets, sewage water drainage, drinking water installation, technological engineering


  • MKS manufacturing halls in Nyírbátor: technical monitoring, project planning and budget inspection, expert reports and consultation
  • Construction and operation of industrial halls
  • Comprehensive installation (mechanical engineering, electricity etc.)